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* If you have moved from Nova property and need to inquire or request your security deposit back. Please Email our Security Deposit Refund Dept. or mail via USPS to the address below and your deposit return will be researched and or submitted.

Conditions for Security Deposit Refund

You must submit a written request to receive your security deposit back. Email or regular mail will serve as written notice.

This letter must include a valid address for the security deposit to be mailed to with the full address and name that was on the lease on the Nova property.

All security deposit refunds will be remitted to all parties that were on the lease. So for instance if the lease was a two party lessor situation, separate checks will not be mailed. Only one check with multiple payees to one address.

All Security Deposits take 30 days from written request to process. If you have not received your check after 45 days from the date of your request, please email us to inquire about your security deposit return.

The Nova property you vacated must have been left in the condition you leased it per the stipulations of your Security Deposit Agreement and all other documents signed at move in and or during residency by lessor. These agreements must have been adhered to and all lessor's obligations fulfilled and all monetary lease agreement obligations must have been fulfilled by the lessor per the stipulations of the lease you signed.